From a weather perspective, today consisted of two halves: first half wet and second half dry and sunny.

Notwithstanding the rain, I set off this morning for Pollock House where I proceeded to take a collection of photographs of the vibrant and colourful flower display which seems to be at its best at this time of year. The dark, cloudy background provided some useful contrast. The result of this photo trip is provided below. Pollock House is an interesting heritage site with the main mansion dating back about 200 years and features Adam designed architecture. The Maxwell family have connections with the site dating back many centuries although it is now managed by Glasgow Council and Scotland’s National Trust.

Sunflower at Pollock House



Fuschia at Pollock House

Chrysanthemums at Pollock House

Bright border at Pollock House

Garden feature at Pollock House


Elsewhere today, I have been busy with:

  • Two tour enquiries, one to Loch Ness and the other a hike along Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Designing a new batch of web pages-with more to come.
  • Wood family history with details posted to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.
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