Ossian's Hall

As predicted, today proved extremely wet thus vindicating our decision to change the itinerary and visit St. Andrews yesterday. We progressed as follows:

  • Prompt start as usual. After leaving Dunkeld we drove a few miles up the A9 to Ossian’s Hall. A nice stroll along the banks of the River Braan culminating in a view of the Falls of Braan. We managed to return to the coach just as the rain commenced.
  • Next we headed for Glamis Castle but as were  ahead of time we stopped in for a brief visit to the collection of Pictish carved stones at Meigle.
  • We arrived at Glamis just after opening at about 10.30am in pouring rain. Group then undertook a guided tour of the castle interior.  Image below is from library as rain and wind combination militated against exterior photographs. Tour was a good experience.

Glamis Castle

  • Next we headed to Falkland to visit the famous Palace. Before that, however, we availed of an excellent light lunch at Kind Kyttock’s Tea Room (Falkland). An excellent experience.

Kind Kyttock's Tea Room

  • After lunch we walked down the road to visit Falkland Palace, a magnificent example of Renaissance architecture and former residence of Mary, Queen of Scots. Parts date from the early 16th century and contain some of the most sumptuous rooms of their day. There are also gardens and a court for playing real tennis dating from 1539.

Falkland Palace

  • On way to re-join the coach we strolled through the centre of the impressive mediaval town which is both colourful (flowers) and very well kept.

Quaint House at Falkland

Lomomnd Tavern, Falkland


  • Next, we headed for South Queensferry, an equally interesting ancient town but, perhaps, most famous for its two important bridges: the Forth Rail Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge. The former dates from 1890 and the latter from the 1960s. After some photo opps we moved on into Edinburgh and our lodgings for the night at the Apex International at Grassmarket.

Forth Rail Bridge

Overall, a good day notwithstanding the heavy rain. Weather tomorrow is scheduled to be dry.

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