Rowan Gorilla Oil Rig

This evening, my theme is the giant, Rowan Gorilla V Oil Rig, a 557 ft high edifice which towers over the City of Dundee. The rig is located at Prince Charles Wharf and will be there for some 6 weeks for maintenance. The structure is quite awesome and dominates the local skyline.

Elsewhere today, I have been working on two Scottish Clan themed tours:

  • Clan Maclean
  • Clan Armstrong

with the former just confirmed. The Clan Armstrong tour is a large group tour scheduled for 2011 and should prove quite interesting. Last year I provided a Clan Armstrong tour for a couple from the U.S. so have plenty of research material to work on.

Separately posted information on McCulloch family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather in Glasgow has been unusually sunny today. Back to normal tomorrow!

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