Tour Group in Kilts

This afternoon, I met my tour group comprising five gentlemen (all brothers) and their wives at Inverness Airport. Plane was on time.

From the Airport we drove into central Inverness where the group (gentlemen) were measured and attired in full Highland Dress, including kilt for a combined photo session and introduction to Scotland.

Measuring up for Highland Dress

The clothing was provided by Highland House of Fraser. Tartan worn by then gentlemen was Flower of Scotland whilst the lady in the image is wearing Holyrood Tartan

Highland House of Fraser

 A press photographer was on hand to obtain images for possible inclusion in the Friday edition of the Inverness Courier.

Whilst the gentlemen dressed up the ladies shopped, so all were happy.

Kilted Line Up

Here is a video clip of the gentlemen.

After the gentlemen reverted to their regular attire, the entire group retired to their hotel for an early night, to recover from exertions of today and in readiness for a long tour day tomorrow.

Weather here in Inverness has been mild with light but persistent rain.

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