Loch Carron

This evening, I am posting information on Loch Carron in the western Scottish Highlands.I ivisited this area recently after a lapse of a couple of years. In the intervening period not much has changed.

Loch Carron is a large Sea Loch where the River Carron enters the Atlantic ocean. Strung out along the loch side is a pleasant village with a number of small shops including a tea shop and restaurant which I patronise when possible.  There are a number of guest houses and B&B establishments which reflect the popularity of this pleasant vacation area.

At the end of the village is the famous Lochcarron Weavers, a  Highland wear and tartan shop from which can be sourced a wide range of specialist tartans, kilts and other items. At the back of the shop is a traditional skilled weaver working on his loom manufacturing tartan cloth.

McLean Tartan

Lochcarron Weaver

Overall, Loch Carron and Lochcarron are worthy of a visit when in the West Highlands.

Elsewhere today:

  • I parted company with my latest tour group at Edinburgh Airport early this morning and then returned home just before lunch after a very successful small group tour for a family group from Switzerland.
  • Spent most of the afternoon engaged with planning new tours and responding to new enquiries coming in.
  • Posted information on Wallace family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Lots more to keep me busy tomorrow with preparations with upcoming tours.

Heavy rain this evening in Glasgow.

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