This morning, we legft our overnight lodgings in the port of Larne and proceeded as follows:

  • To nearby Carrickfergus, principally to visit the famous castle there. This dates back to 1180 when it was begun to guard the entrance to Belfast Lough ( Lake). This is, arguably, the finest and best preserved Norman castle in Ireland. The castle boasts an illustrious history, changing many hands many times. Famous people who have taken control include Edward the Bruce, James II and William III, It was finally handed over to civilian control in 1928. This attraction is well managed by the local authority.
  • Next to Ardboe on Lough Neagh to view the tallest High Cross in Northern ireland. Dates from 10th century AD. Located on shore of Loch Neagh, County Tyrone. A very significant and historic Christian site dating back to founding by Saint Coleman in the 6th century AD. Here is an image of the cross.
  • Our next target was the Giant’s Causeway on the north Antrim coast.This strange and unusual place was formed between 58m and 61m years ago when lava from massive volcanic eruptions cooled rapidly and shrank into some 37,000 polygonal-shaped basalt columns. The causeway was formed by glacial action some 15,000 years ago. The site is also associated in folklore with the mythical giant Finn MacCool. By the end of our visit the light was deteriorating and rain closing in. However, we managed to secure some reasonable images, viz: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4.
  • Finally, we arrive at our lodgings in Londonderry at about 7.00pm after a long but successful day, notwithstanding cloudy conditions with occasional rain.

Tomorrow we drive south into the Republic of Ireland.

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