Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Today I have been re-grouping after an extended tour of Scotland and Ireland, mainly concentrating on admin type matters prior to embarking on next tour of Scotland.

This evening, I have selected Kilchurn Castle as my theme. I usually encounter this romantic ruin en-route from Glencoe to Inveraray. Location does not provide for easy access but usually warrants a photo-stop to facilitate which there is a convenient small pull in on the roadside. A brief history of Kilchurn Castle:

  • Originally a Tower House dating from 1440 when associated with Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy aka Black Knight of Rhodes.
  • Kilchurn was a key link in maintaining Campbell control of Western Scotland post 1500.
  • Besieged by Royalists for two days in 1654 and again in 1685 in context of a rebellion by the Earl of Argyll, a Protestant, against the forces of the Catholic James VII.
  • Garrisoned by Hanoverian troops during the Jacobite uprisings of 1715 and 1745.
  • In 1740 the Campbells relocated to Taymouth Castle in Perthshire and abandoned Kilchurn. Later, in 1769, the castle was damaged by lightning. The castle was then used as a quarry by local builders.
  • In 1817, drainage work resulted in a lowering of the water level on Loch Awe leaving the castle well positioned on dry land and well suited to the local landscape.
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