Highland Bull

This afternoon, with unusual bright sunny conditions, I went round to Pollock House and Gardens to obtain a few seasonal images.

Pollock House  is a Palladian Mansion which dates from the mid 18th century. It was designed by father and son duo of William and John Adam for the Maxwell family.

Today the house, gardens and park are open to the public which makes for a very pleasant facility for Glaswegians. Unusually, the grounds are also home to a considerable herd of Highland Cattle which usually prove very attractive and photogenic. Today, I was lucky and managed to get a good image of black bull (see above).

At this time of year trees are undergoing transition to winter mode resulting in some interesting shades and colours with the added dimension of the sunshine.

Pollock House

Historically, Pollock House had its own hydro scheme for generating electricity from the White Carte Water (river) the basic structure of which remains in situ and provides an interesting backdrop to the house. The weir shown below was a part of the original hydro scheme.

Weir in Autumn

It was pleasing to see many families enjoying the facilities and sunshine.

Elsewhere today, I have been working on two enquiries for tours of Hadrian’s Wall plus a potential whisky themed tour of Islay for next year.

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