Today, I have been re-grouping after a five day tour of Scotland taking in interesting and picturesque parts as shown in previous days’  blog postings.

This morning, I went off to nearby Greenbank House and Garden for the dual purpose of (a) obtaining photos of trees in the sunshine and (b) purchasing garden plants.

Mission was a success, as evidenced from the images below. Greenbank is a great local resource allowing gardeners, dog walkers, photographers and others to avail of the facilities there. Greenbank House dates from the 18th century, Georgian era and is of interest to architects.

Siberian Crab Apples

Tall Trees

Autumn at Greenbank

Woodlands at Greenbank

Greenbank house and Garden

Walk through the Woods

Elsewhere today, I have been focused on tour enquiries including :

  • A potential Cotswolds and Shakespeare Country Tour during 2011.
  • A Loch Ness tour for a family during November 2010.
  • A two day Highlands tour for a small group.

Also posted information on Boyle family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry Blog.

Weather here has been basically fine but getting colder. Winter edges closer!

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