Royal Yacht Britannia

This evening, my theme is the Royal Yacht Britannia, a retired former mini-cruise liner used by the British Royal Family for private and official transport all around the world. The vessel is now moored at Leith, close to Edinburgh and is open a tourist attraction, conveniently located close to a shopping mall.

As befits is Royal provenance, the Britannia is a very upscale experience affording the visitor an expedition into a different era (mainly 1950s). The vessel also provides a worthwhile experience for the  marine engineer, especially the immaculately polished engine.

After exploring the vessel, the visitor exits via a well appointed gift shop which offer a wide range of Britannia and Royal themed memorabilia.

By Edinburgh standards, Leith offers good parking facilities.

When providing tours of Edinburgh and environs, the Britannia does not usually rank as a priority but I keep it in reserve for special requests and other occasions.

Leith is well endowed with some good, high end restaurants.

Elsewhere today, I have received an enquiry for a large group tour of Edinburgh for next year.

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