This evening, my theme is Scottish Glens. ‘Glen’ is a Scots word for valley. Because of the mountainous terrain Scotland is very well populated with Glens and valleys. I am going to focus on seven glens with which I am familiar and feature on my tours and travels.

Firstly, here is Glen Nevis near to Fort William. Close by is Ben Nevis which is Scotland’s ( and Britain’s) tallest mountain. I usually include a trip down this glen when possible on tours of the Highlands. Apart from the rugged scenery, there is usually a herd of Highland cows wandering along on or near to the road.


Glen Nevis

 Here is Fairy Glen on the Isle of  Skye. Strange hill formations which I believe date back from the end of the last ice age and may have been formed by wind action.

Fairy Glen, Skye

 Rouken Glen, south of Glasgow. A popular country park with a stream or burn running through it. Very popular with Glaswegians and good for photo opps during the changing seasons.

Rouken Glen, Glasgow

 Glen Almond, Perthshire. Here is the location of a Highland Clearance Village dating from around the 18th century. During the late 1700s and early 1800s many of Scotland’s landowners ruthlessly cleared tenants from their land in order to switch to more profitable sheep farming. Because the former villages were built of stone many still exist in a ruined state around the country.

Glen Almond

 Glen Quaich in Perthshire, central Scotland. So named because of the scenery’s resemblance to a round bowl, drinking vessel called a quaich. Driving through this scenery, along a one track road, is a stunning experience and if the weather is right offers super photo opportunities including Loch Tay.

Glen Quaich

 Kilmartin Glen on the west of Scotland, not far from Oban. Here is concentrated a vast collection of prehistoric stone circles,standing stones, burial cairns and rock art. One of my favourite spots. To get a full appreciation for the history, at least one full day in the area is recommended. 

Kiklmartin Glen

 This is Glencoe, one of the most popular visitor sites in Scotland. There is the rugged and romantic scenery which is good at all times of the year plus the connection with infamous 1692 massacre of a community of MacDonalds by an army contingent made up of Campbells the fallout from which still gives rise to tension between MacDonalds and Campbells.


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