This evening, I am focusing on the bright and colourful architecture found at Tobermory, the principal town on the Isle of Mull, located off the west coast of Scotland near Oban. 

In recent times this town has been very popular with family visitors owing its re-naming by the BBC as ‘Balamory’, a fictional town around which was centred a children’s TV series. Although Balamory has finished the town remains a popular destination for visitors, not only as  destination in its own right but a base for touring the Isle of Mull and its famous neighbour, Iona. Mull is famous for its wildlife, particularly raptors whilst Iona attracts Christians of all denominations to its famous Abbey.

As can be seen from the images, Tobermory boast a pleasant harbour, colourful houses, shops, restaurants and even a whisky distillery. There is a good choice of accommodations from B&Bs to hotels. Earlier this year i incorporated Tobermory in a private tour of Mull and Iona

Warning: the roads on Mull are narrow, single track in many places and can be slow going.

Tobermory Harbour, Scotland


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