River Clyde, Glasgow

Clydeside , Glasgow

 This morning we were treated to a layer of snow coupled with bright sunshine, an unusual combination which prompted me to travel down into central Glasgow for  a photo session around the Clyde. As usual, snow cover in the centre was less than in the suburbs but, nevertheless, I did obtain some good images with a wintry feel.

The above image shows an interesting combination of river, Finnieston Crane, Armadillo (Clyde Auditorium), Squinty Bridge and Science Centre Tower.

Tradeston-Broomielaw Bridge

Squiggly Bridge

Above image shows a snow-covered access to the Tradeston-Broomielaw or ‘Squiggly Bridge’. This is the newest bridge in this section of the river and is for pedestrians only. Read more on Clyde Tour, Glasgow…