Today, Glasgow in common with most parts of Scotland, remained covered by a layer of snow. It is snowing steadily as I write this. However, the city has not suffered as badly as central and eastern Scotland which have experienced heavy snow falls and the blocking of the main A9 north-south route. This is coldest November snap for 18 years which follows on last winter which was the coldest recorded winter on record. However, there is an upside in the form of good photo opps due to combination of sunshine and snow cover. 

This morning I resolved to cycle down to Glasgow Green, a historic part of Glasgow to obtain some photographs.  The Green is a public park extending to some 136 acres on bot side of the River Clyde. In times past this was a popular gathering place where locals socialized, attended political meetings and events (such as the Glasgow Fair) and even hung out laundry to dry (see image no 2 below). Arguably Glasgow Green’s most famous claim to fame is the connection with James Watt who, whilst walking across the Green in 1765, was inspired to improve the early steam engine via introduction of a separate condensor which in turn acted as a catalyst to the industrial revolution.  Earlier this year I attended the World Pipe Band Championships at this venue.

Peoples Palace, Glasgow Green

Snowbound Peoples Palace

Above image shows the People’s Palace which is a combined museum and Winter Gardens (conservatory). The former provided information and artifacts to illustrate the everyday life of working people. Read more on Glasgow Green in Winter…