River Clyde, Glasgow

Clydeside , Glasgow

 This morning we were treated to a layer of snow coupled with bright sunshine, an unusual combination which prompted me to travel down into central Glasgow for  a photo session around the Clyde. As usual, snow cover in the centre was less than in the suburbs but, nevertheless, I did obtain some good images with a wintry feel.

The above image shows an interesting combination of river, Finnieston Crane, Armadillo (Clyde Auditorium), Squinty Bridge and Science Centre Tower.

Tradeston-Broomielaw Bridge

Squiggly Bridge

Above image shows a snow-covered access to the Tradeston-Broomielaw or ‘Squiggly Bridge’. This is the newest bridge in this section of the river and is for pedestrians only.

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow

Squinty Bridge

Above is the Clyde Arc or ‘Squinty Bridge’, and dates from 2006. it greatly improves access to the Pacific Quay development.

Finnieston Crane

Finnieston Crane

Above, Finnieston Crane dates from 1932 when Glasgow was the powerhouse of a huge shipbuilding industry.The crane was primarily used to load new built steam locomotives onto ships for export. By the early 1990s the crane had fallen into disuse but the structure has been retained as a landmark and physical legacy of Glasgow’s industrial past.

Armadillo, Glasgow

Clyde Auditorium

Above is the Clyde Auditorium or ‘Armadillo’. It was can accommodate up to 3000 people and was completed in 1997. The design was inspired by interlocking ships hulls. Similarity to Sydney Opera House is coincidental.

Overall, my expedition was successful but I would have liked to see a little more snow. This situation might be remedied overnight if the forecast proves accurate!

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