Recent news bulletins have been full of the on-going economic crisis in the Republic of Ireland. This has prompted me to review tour images. Putting aside the economic mess, Ireland remains an attractive place to tour. When the rain abates there is wonderful, undulating scenery, Gaelic culture, castles, history, heritage and much more. Unfortunately,the Republic is locked into the Euro so the exchange rate remains fairly firm and not particularly cheap for visitors.

This is a shot from the geological wonder known as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Giant's Shoe AT Giant's Causeway

A soft, pastel coloured view from the West.

View from Murrisk

These mountains were ‘top sliced’ by glaciers over 10,000 years ago.

Dartry Mountains

A memorial to all the Irish who were forced to emigrate due to famines of the 19th century.

National Famine Monument

Impressive scenic view from Ring of Kerry.

Ladies View, Ring of Kerry

Irish jaunting car at Muckross. Quite an experience!

Irish Jaunting Car

Colourful bar at the pretty town of Sneem.

Murphy's Bar, Sneem

I was delighted to find that manufacture of Waterford Crystal had re-commenced, albeit on a limited scale.

Making Waterford Crystal

Elsewhere today:

  • I went out first thing and took pics of the first serious frost of the season.
  • Received ‘green light’ for a whisky and golf tour for 2011.
  • Responded to enquiry for a mid-winter, family tour .
  • Finalised itinerary for a small group (family) tour of Scotland for summer 2011.
  • Received ‘green light’ for a self-drive tour of Britain for 2011.
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