This evening my theme is Scotland’s Tower Houses including a selection of illustrative images.

Tower Houses date from the 14t to 15th centuries and evolved out of earlier timber structures. Although built to give an impression of defence, the actual driver was status, to impress and demonstrate wealth as, by this time, Scotland was generally a peaceable country. The actual tower was invariably not adequate in size to accommodate the household retinue and hence was generally supplemented by other buildings and accommodations which often included a large hall for entertainment purposes.

The key constituents of the towers were:

  • Very thick walls.
  • A strong door and iron gate.
  • Storage areas on the lower floors.
  • Bedchambers and private rooms.
  • A defend-able turnpike, spiral stair providing access to all rooms.
  • Guardrooms, wardrobes, private chapel and toilets.

Here is a selection of Scottish Tower House castles:

Castle Cambell in Clackmannanshire

Castle Campbell

Newark Castle, Port Glasgow.

Newark Castle

Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Crookston Castle

Drummond Castle, Perthshire

Drummond Castle

Huntingtower, Perthshire. (Actually two towers in close proximity.)

Huntingtower Castle

Drumin Castle, Speyside

Drumlin Castle

Elsewhere today have worked on:

  • Two, new self-drive tours.
  • A prospective Clan reunion tour.

And posted information on Rodger family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Apparently, we have some bad weather forecast for West of Scotland in next 24 hours or so.

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