Icey Waterfall

Fish Eye view of Waterfall

 Today, Glasgow and environs remained trapped in an icy environment. Scotland, in common with many other parts of the U.K. remains snowbound resulting in the closure of many roads, schools and airports. Today, we had to cancel a trip into central Scotland because of major blockages on the main A9 north-south road.

Up in the Highlands, in places like Braemar,the temperature tonight is forecast to drop to minus 16-20C

Not having the courage to venture out in the car I went for a walk this morning in the local area to capture some winter scene images. For the first time I tried out my new wide angle lens which proved reasonably successful and resulted in some interesting images, most of which were taken in and around Rouken Glen Park.

Below is a winter scene on the River Cart which runs through Rouken Glen. 

Scottish Stream in Winter
River in Winter
Snow Covered Glasgow

Glasgow Snowscape

 Scene above is a view of the city of Glasgow looking north with the Campsie Fells (hills) in the background. Here is a video clip taken from the same location.

Frozen over Lake

Boating Pond in Winter

 Above image shows a frozen over boating pond.

Winter Scene

Stream in Ice and Snow

The above image was taken during a snowstorm, which produces an interesting effect.

Elsewhere today, I have been working on aspects of tours for next year. Now to hunker down for another cold night!