This evening, my tour theme is Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, an important visitor attraction which I usually include in my tours of Ireland.  location is the north coast of Ireland . Key facts:

  • A natural projection of huge rocks into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Formed about 60M years ago from volcanic eruptions followed by lava cooling slowly and evenly to form a hard rock basalt which has been shaped by millions of years of erosion and weathering.
  • Most of the 40,000 columns have five and six sides whilst others have four, seven and eight.
  • Geologically linked with the island of Staffa, near Mull off West of Scotland.
  • Mythology tells us that this was a causeway linking Ireland and Scotland which was created by an Irish giant called Finn MacCool.

This site is extremely well patronised during the peak summer months when there can be thousands of visitors scrambling around. Subject to a caveat on the sheer volume of people visiting at peak season, I would recommend inclusion in a tour of Ireland. 

Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway Rock Formations


Giant's Shoe

Giant's Shoe, Ireland


Giant's Causeway Geology

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland


Elsewhere today, I have been extremely busy with tour enquiries, viz:

  • Two driving tours.
  • One private tour of the Scottish Highlands.
  • One Whisky Tour of Speyside.
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