This evening, my theme is Scottish lochs of which there are some 32,000 of the freshwater variety plus may other sea lochs (fjords). Loch is invariably incorrectly pronounced ‘lock. The name is of Gaelic origin and means lake or body of water.

In course of my extensive tours of Scotland I encounter many lochs, a sample of which is provided below. These bodies of water a make for great photographs during ever changing light conditions, except for rain and cloud.

Around the banks of many of the principal lochs can be found castles, mostly in a ruinous state. This is because, in medieval times, water was  the main means of communication and the castles were situated for ‘command and control’ purposes. 

Possibly the most famous lochs in Scotland are Lochs Ness and Lomond. The former is noted for its elusive monster and the latter its ‘bonnie banks and braes’. These two bodies of water are very similar in size with the former holding the biggest volume and the latter the largest surface area.

All of Scotland’s lochs came into being at end of the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago.

A surprising feature of the lochs (with possible exception of Loch Lomond) is the absence of boating, water sports and fishing. They tend to be very quiet places, which is nice.

I will now discuss each of the images below.

Loch Lomond is relatively close to Glasgow and is named after the nearby mountain, Ben Lomond.

Loch Lomond

 Loch Achray is located in the Trossachs ( Rob Roy Country) and is also easily accessible from Glasgow.

Loch Achray

 Loch Ness is probably the famous. A famous (or infamous) faked ‘monster’ photograph spawned a massive tourist industry in the Highlands, near Inverness.

Loch Ness

Loch Linnhe is a long loch running roughly on a north-south axis down the west of Scotland and entering the sea near Isle of Mull.

Loch Linnhe

 Loch Duich lies on the west close to Isle of Skye. Probably the most photographed because on its banks sits the romantic Eilean Donan castle.

Loch Duich

 Loch Carron can also be found on the west.  Close by is the Loch Carron Weavers, a small company which specialises in tartan and Highland wear. 

Loch Carron

Reverting now to more mundane matters, today I have manged to progress a number of tour enquiries, viz:

  • One day Glasgow tour for later this month.
  • One day tour from cruise ship for 2011.
  • Self-drive tour for 2011.
  • Small group tour for next month

Also posted information on Marshall family history to my Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather in Glasgow has been overcast and mild but getting progressively colder. Storms forecast for later in the week.

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