Polnoon Castle, Eaglesham

This evening, I am posting information on a  selection of unusual Scottish castles. These are unusual to the extent they don’t conform with standard description of a large fortified building or mansion, even if in ruins (which most are).

The first image above shows what appears to be just a pile of rubble. This was built by Sir John de Montgomery in the 14th century. The castle (apparently a Tower House type structure) was reported to be in a  ruinous state by the late 17th century and thereafter was probably was used as a quarry for local building projects. Very important for members of Clan Montgomery with access difficult over a muddy field.

Macewan Castle

The above sign shows the path to Mac Ewen Castle. Again, another pile of rubble but nevertheless of importance to members of Clan Mac Ewen . Earlier this year I took a small tour group there, a record of which can be found here. The journey to the castle site was something of an adventure in its own right, over fields, fences and along a beach. However, we did succeed in the end.

Next is Rough Castle on the Antonine Wall. Which is technically not a castle at all but the remains of a Roman Fort along the Roman Wall and dates from about  AD 140. This should be viewed in context of the entire 37  mile long frontier. Location is open to the public and is situated about 45 min drive from Glasgow. An image of the remains of the (mainly turf built) wall is provided below.

Antonine Wall

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