In course of last few days unusual seasonal weather patterns have resulted in the coldest November winter spell for 18 years.  Ice and snow has come in from the East resulting in large dumps of snow across various parts of the U.K. (particularly Scotland).  Compared with some parts of the country, Glasgow has fared relatively well although still experiencing heavy snowfalls and sub zero temperatures.

Glaswegian Snowman

Queen's Park Snowman

Prompted by the snow, I went out today to the local park to  photograph the winter scenes and locals having fun activities in the snow. Above and below can be found a small portfolio of images all of which were taken during persistent snowfall. I also managed this video clip.

Queen's Park in Winter

Winter at Queen's Park

Glaswegians enjoying Snow

Winter Fun

Fun in the Snow

Tobogganing at Queen's Park

Frozen Pond

Frozen pond at Queen's Park

Upon returning to base-and thawing out- I was occupied on a number of tour enquiries for next year.

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