This morning, most of the country remained overwhelmed by the very harsh winter conditions which has seen the temperature in the Highlands drop as low as minus 21 C and resulted in thousands of school closures not to speak of major interruptions to the transport infrastructure extending to airports, roads and railways.

The principal roads around Glasgow have been treated which allowed me to get out on my bike and obtain some seasonal images.

I found myself at Ballahouston Park where is located the Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre. This is actually a dry ski slope but the heavy snowfalls of late have converted the dry slopes to ‘wet’  i.e. real snow slopes which in turn has inspired many youngsters to venture out and try the real thing.

Of course, in the Highlands of Scotland there are a number of conventional ski centres which are open but access is restricted due to blocked roads. At least the good folks of Glasgow did not have to venture too far to experience  skiing on real snow!

In addition to the images below, I took this video clip

Skiing Glasgow, Scotland

Ski Glasgow

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