This evening, my blog theme is the famous Clyde Arc or ‘Squinty’ Bridge which spans the River Clyde linking Finnieston Street (north) with Govan Road and Pacific Drive (south).

The bridge provides a four lane crossing, was opened in 2006 and cost GBP20.3M to build. Designed by Edmund Nuttall Ltd.

Below are a selection of images showing various facets of the bridge and including nearby equally famous sites such as the ‘Armadillo’ conference centre and the Finnieston Crane.

This ‘Squinty Bridge’ stands out on the Glasgow waterfront skyline. Close by can be found the Science Centre with its famous tall tower.

Clyde Arc

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow


Squinty Bridge

Glasgow Arc

Squinty Bridge, Glasgow

Glasgow Arc Bridge

Clyde Arc Bridge

Finnieston Bridge, Glasgow

Elsewhere today, the key consideration here has been the (upward) change in temperature which has provided some relief from the Arctic conditions of late. However, if forecasts are to be believed the respite will be short-lived pending a resurgence of cold weather next week.

I have spent time today working on tour schedules for next year and posted information on Clark family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.

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