This afternoon, I ventured off to photograph Crookston Castle, Glasgow to take advantage of the unusual combination of blue sky, sunshine and snow. Temperature was around minus 2C-4C at time of my visit.

Surprisingly, there a very few castles within Glasgow and environs. Crookston is a impressive ruin but, to best of my knowledge, does not feature on the regular tourist trail. This is just as well as the facility would be unable to cope with large numbers.

Like many castles in Britain, Crookston is of Norman-French origin, named after Sir Robert Croc who established the original defensive earthwork in the 12th century. The stone ruins date from a 15t century stone fortress-residence of Sir John Stewart of Darnley. Following a siege in 1544 the castle was abandoned in the late 16th century.

For more information on this type of Scottish castle, please refer my post of earlier this year.

Crookston Castle in Winter

Crookston Castle, Scotland

Crookston Castle in Winter

Crookston Castle, Glasgow

Crookston Castle in Winter

Crookston Castle

Elsewhere today:

  • I undertook some ancestry research at Cathcart Cemetery.
  • Undertook some admin work on tours in the pipeline for 2011.
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