Squirrel with no tail

Tail-less Squirrel

This evening, I have chosen a very unusual if somewhat bizarre topic of animals with missing tails.

The garden (back yard) of my property is increasingly becoming a wildlife reserve with squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs and many varieties of birds.

In recent time we have noticed a very strange phenomenon as manifested in animals without tails. We have recently become aware of a grey squirrel without a key appendage and last year we had a young fox with similar disfigurement. Why these deformities have occurred in such a compact area is a complete mystery. The animals seem otherwise to be in good health.

Here is the tail-less squirrel in its native arboreal habitat.


Squirrel without tail

 Here is the fox, lacking a key appendage.

Tail-less Fox

Fox without a tail

Elsewhere today, I have been busy working on two new tours for 2011. Also posted information on Maitland family history to my separate Glasgow Ancestry blog.

Weather here in Glasgow is relatively benign in that temperature is above zero and there is no snow or precipitation. Thaw of recent arctic conditions continues. However, it seems likely that a further cold spell may not be far away and we must not forget that winter has only just started.

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