Today, the weather in the central belt of Scotland ( between Glasgow and Edinburgh) deteriorated significantly due  to a’dump’ of about 10cm of snow in the matter of few hours.This resulted in further transport chaos with airports closed, road and rail travel severely affected and many schools forced to shut early.

The snow was so heavy that there was little point in trying to get out by car so I went for a walk (with my camera|) in the neighbourhood to record this very unusual event. Traffic was backed up everywhere with cars being unable to traverse even modest inclines without human muscle power. Only 4 X 4 vehicles were getting around.

Here is my portfolio of images:

This young guy on the sledge had the right idea! Definitely the best way to get around.

Travel by Sledge

Sledge Travel

Not much happening at this rail station, Whitecraigs.

Whitecraigs Station in Winter

Winter at Whitecraigs Station

This road was almost impassable for cars.

Tough going in the snow

Snowbound road at Rouken Glen

This colony of waterfowl were find the going tough with most of their habitat frozen over.

Hungry Waterfowl at Rouken Glen

Waterfowl isolated by Ice

Gridlock in the centre of Giffnock. I overheard one gent say he took 4 hours to drive just a few miles. I was making better progress on foot than the cars!

Snow affected traffic jam

Snow and Ice at Giffnock

To help relieve the snowbound roads these Council workers were spreading grit by hand.

Keeping traffic moving in the snow

Combating snow and ice at Eatwood Toll

On the plus side, the weather did provide an artistic touch, sculpting the trees and landscape.

Snow Scene at Rouken Glen

Snow sculpture at Rouken Glen

This is the frozen glen (valley) at Rouken Glen.

Frozen Water Scene

Stream in Winter

Overall, an interesting adventure in the snow where I witnessed scenes never before encountered during my time in Glasgow.

All the above scenes are probably small beer to countries in North America and Scandinavia. However, we just don’t have the infrastructure to cope with these unsual extreme weather events.

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