Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral in Snow

Harsh winter conditions continue in Scotland with temperatures well below zero (centigrade). Some roads have been blocked leaving some motorists stranded for many hours in freezing conditions. The main M8 Glasgow-Edinburgh highway has been blocked in parts for a considerable time. All public schools in Glasgow were closed today. Many businesses were also shut. This is the worst cold spell in 45 years.

Once again I ventured out on my bike  (a car would be more of a liability) and went into central Glasgow to obtain images of the unusual winter scenes. Cycling along was an eery experience as much of the time I was travelling on a layer of packed ice at east 3cm thick. At least there was only light motor traffic to contend with!

Image above is of Glasgow’s famous 13th century Cathedral taken from vantage point of the nearby Necropolis. Below is the normally very busy shopping precinct comprising Buchanan Street. Note layer of packed ice and snow underfoot.

Buchanan St in Snow

Snowbound Central Glasgow

On my journey I encountered many vehicles caught in the snow. Here is a large milk delivery truck which got into difficulties. On this topic, many of the small shops are running out of supplies because the distribution system is failing due to the weather.

Delivery Truck in Snow

Delivery Truck Stuck in Snow

Here you can see a sheet of ice forming over the River Clyde.

Ice Sheet on River Clyde

Ice over River Clyde

Here is Glasgow University wit snow in the forefront and a backdrop of blue sky. In recent days I have been lucky with the unusual combination of snow and sunshine, which makes for good pics.

Glasgow University in Winter

Glasgow University in snow

Here is a image of Glasgow City Chambers ( City Hall) which is located in George Square. A magnificent late Victorian edifice representing the wealth and confidence of Glasgow at the time.

Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow City Chambers, Scotland

Tonight we are hunkering down for another exceptionally cold spell.

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