This morning, I ventured out in the very harsh winter conditions to obtain more seasonal images. The following were all taken at Linn Park, south Glasgow. I found the sheer, brilliant whiteness very stimulating and a world away from the ‘normal’  greens and browns. The River Cart ( White Cart Water) was partly frozen over, which provided an additional dimension-and access.

In the icy pool below note the circular ‘lily pad’  floating block of ice in the bottom left. I am intrigued as to the origin of these ice shapes.

Frozen White Cart

Icey White Cart at Linn Park

These red berries caught my eye, just peeking through a layer of snow and adding a flash of colour to the white landscape.

Winter Berries

Winter Red Berries

Here is used my fish-eye lens. Image shows the historic 1835 cast-iron bridge which is still in use today.

Bridge over Icy Water

Iron Bridge over White Cart in Winter

These gaunt and stark tall trees caught my eye. Maybe three months at least before young buds appear. 
Wintry Scene at Linn Park, Glasgow

Winter at Linn Park, Glasgow

Taking these pics was opportune as subsequently there has occurred a mild thaw. However, I am not sure we are finished with this unusual cold snap-and winter does not normally get going with a vengeance until January!

Elsewhere today, I undertook some ancestry research at Cathcart Cemetery and attended to correspondence concerning existing and new tour enquiries for next year. Was surprised to discover that a good, mid-range hotel where I regularly place guests in central London has closed down prior to conversion to flats.

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