This evening, I am focusing on the very historic Christian site at Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond, about 45  mins from Glasgow. The present church building dates from 1875 but this is just the latest of a series of churches on the same site commencing with the visit of St Kessog in AD510. The antiquity of the site is evidenced in the Viking era (9thC AD) ‘hogback’ grave-marker in the image immediately below.

McKessog's Church, Luss

Luss Church, Loch Lomond

The present church was built by Sir James Colquhoun in memory of his father who had drowned on the loch in a boating accident.  It will be noted that the roof shown in image below is constructed in the shape of an upturned boat.

McKessog's Church

Inside Luss Church, Loch Lomond

MacKessog was born around AD460, probably in Ireland. As a early Christian he came to Luss (in AD 510) because at that time three great ancient kingdoms of Scotland converged at the site making it a useful centre for missionary work. Unfortunately, MacKessog was murdered nearby around AD 520, consequent on which Luss became a place of pilgrimage. MacKessog was so revered that it was in his name that King Robert the Bruce urged on his men at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

During the Reformation (AD 1560) the statue of MacKessog (below) was taken away from the church to avoid destruction and hidden, It was found 200 years later by military road builders and eventually restored to the church.

McKessog's Statue, Luss Church

McKessog's Statue insidce Luss Church

Benefiting from it antiquity and location on the banks of Loch Lomond, Luss Church is a popular wedding venue.

Luss Wedding

Wedding at McKessog's Church


McKessog's Church

McKessog;s Church, Loch Lomond


Overall, Luss Church is very well presented and visitors can unusually view a short film on the church and its history. Whenever possible I include the site in my Scotland tours.

Elsewhere today, I have responded to a number of new tour enquiries and attended to booking formalities in connection with confirmed tours. Also, posted to my Glasgow Ancestry blog information on Bauchop Ancestry, a very unusual name.

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