Today, Scotland and many other parts of Britain continues to suffer from the effects of a very early wintry blast from the east resulting in major transport disruption and school closures.

Whilst temperatures were very low and the landscape covered with a 10cm layer of snow, I was motivated by the bright sunshine to get out on my bike and take some images of the wintry scenes. I spent about an hour or navigating around Pollock Park but thereafter had to give up as the extreme cold was causing discomfort.

The results of my photo expedition are provided below.

Here is the White Cart Water (river) resplendent in an interesting combination of snow, ice and sunshine.

White Cart Winter Scene

White Cart in Winter

This shows the Parterre Garden at Pollock House.

Parterre Garden in Winter

Garden in Winter at Pollock House

This is Pollock House, a magnificent Adam designed 18th century mansion. This is the fourth house to be have been built at Pollock as residence for the Maxwell family over a period of 700 years. The property is now managed by Scotland’s National Trust in partnership with Glasgow City Council and is open to the public.

Winter at Pollock House

Wintry Scene at Pollock House, Glasgow

Close to the entrance to Pollock House I found this lone hiker in the snow.

Lone Hiker at Pollock

Hiker in the Snow, Pollock Park

Elsewhere today I have :

  • Shovelled large amounts of snow to clear our driveway.
  • Corresponded with clients on prospective tours.

Another cold night looming.

There is a positive aspect to the current conditions in that the ski centres are open but access to them is proving difficult due to blocked roads.

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