This morning with sub zero temperatures, a clear sky and lots of snow and ice around I decided to venture up to Eaglesham Moor on my bike with prime aim of obtaining some seasonal images. This was a 12 mile round trip (on my bike) which proved a success notwithstanding the poor road conditions and the fact I was forced to walk the last few miles due to a puncture. The unusually harsh winter conditions provide interesting photo opps and help to keep the adrenalin flowing.

Here is the almost completely frozen over White Cart Water at Waterfoot. 

Frozen White Cart

Frozen Weir

Animal tracks on the frozen river.

Animal Tracks on White Cart

Animal Tracks on Frozen River

Eaglesham Moor has, to my mind, two main claims to fame: (a) site of Europe’s largest wind-farm called Whitelee and (b) site where Rudolf Hess crashed his plane on May 10th 1941 in an abortive attempt to end WW2 by negotiation with a local aristocrat. An image of just part of the wind-farm is below. The turbines are quite majestic in the winter sun.

Whitelee Wind Farm in Winter

Wind Farm in Winter

The next two images show the frozen landscape underfoot. This is one of the few times during the year that it is possible to walk across the (frozen) terrain which is otherwise very wet and boggy.

Frozen Hillocks

Frozen Landscape at Eaglesham Moor

Frozen Scottish Landscape

Frozen Landscape at Eaglesham Moor

This is a view of Eaglesham Moor from a very high point looking north west and shows a frozen lake/reservoir in the middle distance.

Frozen Scottish Landscape

Frozen Landscape Scotland

Here is another image of the frozen over White Cart near Waterfoot.

Frozen Over White Cart at Waterfoot

Frozen River Scotland

Finally, this is my favourite shot of the day, a small herd of farmed deer near Eaglesham who seem unperturbed by the weather.

Herd of Deer in Winter

Deer in Winter at Eaglesham

The ice-bound roads and biting cold added a special dimension to the trip-and helped to keep the adrenalin flowing. A satisfying day with some sore muscles to vouch for the experience.

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