Today, I drove up to Dunkeld in central Scotland. In the main, the roads had been cleared after the horrendous snowfall and related transport problems. Notwithstanding the melt which had occurred over the past couple of days, the Perthshire area was still covered in a blanket of snow with temperatures today between zero and minus 3 centigrade. Whilst the streets of Dunkeld were ‘navigable’ on foot it was plainly evident that the town had suffered from heavy snowfall as much of it was still in evidence.

Dunkeld is a charming  town and very popular with visitors. Today, I was amazed to see many of the shops, coffee houses and tourist information centre all open for business.

As will be evident from the images below, I had opportunity for a brief stroll around the key areas with photo opps aided by the blue sky and sunshine-as opposed to the fog which was predicted.

During the touring season, I regularly feature Dunkeld in my tour itineraries. The town is also a good base from which to undertake tours all around Scotland owing to convenient location close to the A9 highway which affords access to most of the popular attractions and sites within the day.

Dunkeld means ‘Fort of the Caledonians’  and can boast a diverse and fascinating history dating back about 2000 years encompassing early Christianity, a famous 17th century battle and the >200 year old Telford Bridge which spans the mighty River Tay. At nearby Birnam there are connections with Shakespeare (Birnam Wood) and Beatrix Potter. An excellent spot for a vacation!

Long Shadows at Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral


Dunkeld in Snow

Snowbound Street at Dunkeld

River Tay in Winter

River Tay at Dunkeld

Dunkeld in Winter

Scene in Winter at Dunkeld

This evening, temperature is back below zero with the cold spell contining for about one week at least.

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