Today, Christmas Day 2010, I decided to take advantage of the weather ( sub -zero but dry) to cycle over to Paisley and obtain some images of the town centre in midst of extreme cold spell. This jaunt proved a success, the results of which are provided below.

Paisley is often overlooked as a visitor destination which is unfortunate considering the extensive history packed into a relatively small area. However, I am working on two personal ancestry themed tours of Paisley for 2011.  Paisley’s main claim to fame is as the centre of the textile industry in the 19th and 20th centuries which has left a legacy today of former mill buildings which have since converted to other uses. Paisley’s hand loom weavers were highly skilled and were able to develop the famous Paisley design from the intricately patterned Kashmir shawls imported by the East India Company. Huge wealth and employment was generated by the textile businesses which was focused on such famous names as Coats and Clark both of which families being benevolent and philanthropic employers.

Below is an image of Paisley Abbey which dates from 1163. It was originally established as a Priory subsequently became an abbey answerable to Rome in 1245. It is possible that William Wallace aka ‘Braveheart’ was educated here.

Paisley Abbey in Winter

Historic Paisley Abbey

 Here is one of the remaining textile mills on the White Cart. This building now houses a mix of business and residential accommodation. Quite impressive in the semi-frozen environment.

Close by I found a wildlife photographer with a huge long lens on the alert for an otter which is know to inhabit the waters.

Anchor Mill

Anchor Mill on Christmas Day

 Here is the Town Hall dating from Victorian times. it was originally financed by the Clark textile family and reflects the power and confidence of that era when Paisley was an industrial ‘boom town’.

Clark Town Hall in Winter

Paisley Town Hall on Christmas Day

 The White Cart runs through the centre of Paisley. Today it was almost completely frozen over reflecting the very cold temperatures we have experienced of late.

Frozen Paisley on Christmas Day

Frozen White Cart

 Here is another view of the Anchor Mill in its icy surroundings.

Anchor Mill Paisley in Winter

Winter Scene at Anchor Mill

Overall, a productive trip. Arrived home cold and hungry!

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