Today, I decided to take a trip down to Glasgow to obtain images of the Clyde and local architecture in the winter sunshine. Temperature in the suburbs is around minus 6C whilst the city centre seemed a tad warmer.

The combination of cold and sunshine made for some interesting shots not least the deceptive blue of the river, the surface of which is gaining a thin layer of ice.

Here are some interesting reflections of riverside buildings near the city centre.

River Clyde, Glasgow in Winter

Winter Reflections on the River Clyde, Glasgow

This image shows a more panoramic view of the river with the new ‘squiggly’ bridge (pedestrian) in middle distance. Reflections in the water add another dimension to the scene.  

Architecture on the Clyde at Glasgow

Glasgow Architecture

Here is a bridge scene looking upstream towards the East End with a thin layer of ice beginning to form on the river surface.

Bridges over the River Clyde in Winter

River Clyde, Glasgow in Winter

An interesting winter shot looking upstream. Taken with a semi-fish eye lens

River Clyde in Winter

Winter View of River Clyde

Temperature tonight is forecast to fall to minus 8 C and even further to minus 10C by Christmas Day. Met a neighbour in the street today who is 82 yrs old. He cannot recall such a fierce winter in his lifetime, a fact born out by official stats which record this period as the coldest December since records began in 1910.

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