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Highland Cow, Scotland

Photogenic Highland Cow, Scotland

This evening I have decided to present a small portfolio of Highland Cattle images.

These animals traditionally inhabited the Scottish Highlands where they were admirably suited to the tough weather and poor grazing. However, as a beef animal, the breed has largely been replaced by faster maturing alternatives. The Highland breed is still popular in Scotland and around the world. On my tours I encounter  animals on a solo basis or in small herds close to major tourist attractions, e.g. castles and distilleries where their docile and photogenic natures make them popular with visitors. Read more on Highland Cows…

Fish and Chips Anstruther

Anstruther Fish Bar, Scotland

This evening, my theme is the famous Fish and Chip Restaurant at Anstruther on the Fife Coast which is officially known as the Anstruther Fish Bar.

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Urban Fox, Glasgow

Urban Fox, Glasgow, Scotland

This evening, I am posting images, taken this afternoon, of one of a colony of foxes which are based in the locality.  When hungry they just appear on our lawn and wait very patiently until food is offered.  Foxes living in urban and suburban locations are now very common in Britain.

Last year our group had a litter of between four and six which were quite cute as they bounced around and played with each other.

The adult fox shown in the images has a persistently runny eye, a condition which seems to get neither worse nor better over the years. He/she seems to survive quite satisfactorily. Read more on Urban Fox…