This evening, my principal focus is traditional Scottish food.This is prompted by yesterday’s visit to Alloway when I discovered a wide choice of locally grown/produced foods for sale at a farmers market.

Firstly, here is a traditional haggis which was described by Robert Burns as ‘the great chieftain o’the puddin race’. Image taken on Isle of Skye. The U.S. bans imports of Scottish produced haggis because some 10-15pct of a traditional haggis is comprised of sheeps lung which is deemed by the U.S. authorities as unfit for human consumption. However, this age -old dish remains very popular in the U.K. with sales  increasing by 25pct since 2007. Because the dish is cooked extensively any bacteria are killed. Most mass produced Scottish haggis consists of pig offal and very little contribution from sheep meat.

The haggis shown below may well be of the traditional sort, encased in a sheep’s stomach.

Scottish Haggis

Classic Scottish Haggis

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