This evening, I am paying a visit to Castle Sween situated on the edge of a sea loch (lake) called Sween in the West of Scotland.

This castle dates from the 12th century and features a high quadrangular stone wall, over 2m thick. At time of construction the castle formed part of the territory of the MacSweens who were lords of Knapdale. It may have been Dugald MacSween who promoted construction of the castle.

This is one of a group of Scottish castles built independent of the Norman influence and which share the following characteristics:

  • Built on a rocky promontory to an uncomplicated design.
  • Close access to water for communication purposes.
  • Local lord power manifested in a fleet of galleys-hence essential water access.
Castle Sween, Scotland

Castle Sween

Castle Sween, Knapdale

Castle Sween

Because this castle is located ‘out on a limb’ I tend to visit by special request only

Elsewhere today I have been busy with a wide range of tour enquiries including an interesting prehistory tour which I very much hope comes together.

Temperature tonight in Glasgow is just on zero C with a warming and rain forecast for tomorrow.

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