Clootie Tree, Ireland

Clootie Tree, Scotland

This evening, my focus is on a very unusual occurrence known as a ‘Clootie’ tree. Clootie is Scots for cloth (c.f.Clootie Dumpling).

In practice a person partakes of holy (or medicinal) water from a stream or spring and then ties a piece of personal clothing to a nearby tree, which is usually a hawthorn.  This custom is believed to endow the participants with longevity and good health.

I have only encountered this practice on a couple of occasions. It will be interesting to learn the origin and age of the custom. It appears that the Celts from the iron and bronze age periods had a reverence for water so maybe there is a line going back 2000-3000 years?

The weather here in Glasgow this evening is not pleasant, very wet and windy with some localised flooding predicted.

Am in receipt of more tour enquiries to which will respond tomorrow as have just returned from a trip to S.W.England.

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