Reenactment 18th C ladies

Reenactment 18th C ladies, Alloway

 Today, I paid another visit to Alloway in Ayrshire, Scotland. Purpose was to attend the second day of a series of events associated with the Robert Burns 1759 Celebration. Refer yesterday’s blog for first day of celebrations.

The centre of the small village was closed to traffic to accommodate large visitor numbers attending (a) a one hour ‘Alloway Amble’ around the locality to raise funds for charity and (b) a fun event outside the Burns Cottage focusing on Burns’ life and writings with emphasis on Tam O’ Shanter. As will be seen in the images a number of people had dressed up in 18th C costume. Later in the afternoon the Ayr Pipe Band gave a performance outside the new Birthplace Museum.

Also present at the Celebration was a Farmers Market type event comprising a nmber of stalls selling high quality, local produce a selection of which can be seen in the image below.

Scottish Food Selection

Quality Scottish Food Selection

 Here is the Burns centred entertainment in progress (outside Burns Birthplace).

Alloway 1759 Performance

Alloway 1759 Robert Burns Performance

 This is a scene based on the Tam O’ Shanter character and horse ‘Maggie’.

1759 Robert Burns Performace, Alloway

1759 Robert Burns Performace, Alloway, Scotland

The ‘Amble’ was well patronised with possibly over 100 participants. The route covered some 5km taking in some of Burns’ favorite landmarks. This event raised funds for a cancer charity.

Charity Walkers at Alloway

Charity Walkers at Alloway-'Alloway Amble'

This image was taken in course of the ‘amble’. It shows an Ayr beach with the ruined Greenan Castle on the cliff in the distance. This castle dates from 1603.

Beach Scene Ayr, Scotland

Beach Scene with Castle Ayr, Scotland

Here is a view of the Farmers Market stalls in centre of Alloway.

Farmers Market, Alloway

Farmers Market, Alloway, Ayrshire

Overall, a good day. Although generally dull and overcast at least there was no rain.

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