York, in North East England, was established as ‘Eboracum’ around AD71 and from thereon was established as a combined Roman military and civilian base for the succeeding 300 years or so. In fact in AD208 the Emperor Septimus Severus established  his Imperial Court here and ruled the empire from York for a period of three years whilst campaigning in Scotland.

Below are provided a section of images representing tangible remains of the Roman era.

Here is a 8m high Roman column which was found under the nearby Minster tower in 1967-72. This column was originally one of 16 supporting the roof of the Basilica.

Roman Column, York Minster

Roman Column, York Minster, England

Here are the remains of the east corner tower of the Roman fortress which originally may have stood to a height of 7-8 meters.

Aldwark Corner Tower

Aldwark Corner Tower, York

These city walls follow the exact line of the original Roman defences.

City Walls, York

Roman City Walls, York

This is Bootham Bar, a medieval gate which stands on the site of a Roma era gate known as the porta principalis dextra.

Bootham Bar, York

Bootham Bar, York, England

Here are the remains of a Roman wall inside the city near the Council offices,

Roman Fortress Wall, York

Roman Fortress Wall, York, England

This Multangular Tower stood at the west corner of the Roman fortress and may have reached 10m in height during the Roman era. The lower part, featuring rectangular facing stones, is Roman whilst the upper part is medieval.

Multangular Tower, York

Multangular Tower, York, England

Here are the remains of the fortress bathhouse which were discovered in 1930. The baths were served by a huge stone built sewer which still survives today.

Roman Bath, York

Roman Bath, York, England

A truly fascinating city in which to obtain an appreciation for the Roman era.

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