Mash Tun at Edradour

Mash Tun at Edradour Distillery

This evening, my focus is on Edradour Distillery in central Scotland.

Edradour is Scotland’s smallest, legal whisky distillery and is located close to the popular tourist town of Pitlochry. Combination of location and visitor friendly facilities results in huge volumes of visitors each year. Edradour attracts both whisky aficionados and general tourists who are just seeking an ‘overview’ of the whisky making process.

At Edradour visitors are provided with a short film and then a conducted tour which follows the entire whisky making process from the initial malting and mashing of the barley through fermentation, distillation and maturation. Because of the small scale operation the tour experience is very ‘intimate’ and affords a direct connection with the manufacturing process.

Edradour is one of the few Scottish whisky distilleries still under private ownership. The owner ( see image no  below) takes great pride in producing a wide range of specialist whiskies which can be purchased on site at the distillery shop.

I invariably include Edradour in my Scotland tours  with first scheduled 2011 visit due March. Read more on Visit Edradour Distillery, Visit Scotland…