Thomas Coats Memorial Church, Paisley

Baptist Cathedral, Pasiley

Today proved quite satisfying. For some time I have been working on an ancestry themed tour for a guest from Canada whose ancestor/relation was a gentleman named Dr Oliver Flett who spent most of his life in Paisley. Following some research anddetective work I found Dr Flett’s significant memorial at Woodside Cemetery,Paisley. Full information can be found in this blog post.

I took this opportunity to view and visit some of Paisley’s important landmarks and buildings. Image at top of this post is the Thomas Coats Memorial Church (Baptist) , one of many public buildings donated by the Coats family. Other important buildings are discussed below.

Paisley is now a shadow of its former industrial past. Historically, the town was a textile industry powerhouse employing tens of thousands in its mills and associated industries.  Today, Paisley is looking to reinvent itself. Read more on Visit Paisley, Visit Scotland…