Colquhoun Ancestry

Colquhoun Ancestry, Luss, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the Colquhoun Clan based at Luss on the western shore of Loch Lomond. In course of my frequent tour visits to the heritage village of Luss I have encountered the dominance of the Colquhouns in the area. Further research reveals that the name Colquhoun(meaning narrow corner or narrow woodland) dates back to a grant of land by King Alexander II of Scotland in 1246. Consequent on a marriage in 1346 the name became closely associated with the village of Luss and remains so to this day.

In 1603 the Colquhounshad violent disputes with the McGregors culminating in a massacre of the former by the latter and in turn the outlawing of Clan McGregor and subsequent execution of the McGregor hierarchy.

The name Colquhoun has many variants including Cahun,Calhoun, Colquohoun, Cahoon, Cohoon, Colqueran, Colhoun and Cowan. Read more on Colquhoun Ancestry, Luss, Scotland…