Irish Jaunty Car, Muckross House

Irish Jaunty Car, Muckross House, Ireland

This evening, I am focusing on an Irish grand mansion, namely Muckross House which is conveniently situated for the Ring of Kerry tour  in the Killarney National Park.

This property was designed by Scottish architect, William Burn for Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife, Mary Balfour Herbert. Construction was completed in 1843. Queen Victoria visited in 1861.

The property is very pleasantly situated with extensive gardens and overlooking a lake. The interior is open to the public who can view the traditional 19th century rooms and furnishings consistent with a wealthy family of the day.

As adverted to above, this property is conveniently situated for the Ring of Kerry Tour. In addition to admiring the grounds, gardens and house, visitors can avail of a fun trip in a Jaunty Car ( above image). Read more on Visit Muckross House, Visit Ireland…