Statue at Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Statue at Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Portrack

This evening, I am focusing on an unusual, if not somewhat surreal, garden at Portrack in the Scottish Borders. This Garden of Cosmic Speculation was begun in the late 1970s to the designs of Maggie Keswick and Charles Jencks. The design takes inspiration from such disparate sources as historic British earthworks and Chinese gardens. There are lakes interwoven with the mounds and the water mirroring land and sky. Dotted around can be found statues, artworks and architecture.

This garden is not open to the public on a regular basis. If the opportunity arises I recommend  visitors take the time to quietly explore this unique site and absorb the interaction of artwork and landscape.  

Apologies for the mixed quality of images provided. My photography skills have moved on since these images were taken. However, the selection should provide the reader with a basic appreciation of the site. I will have to return to the garden and refresh my portfolio of images!  Read more on Garden of Cosmic Speculation…