Interior of St.George's-Tron Church

Interior of St.George's-Tron Church, Glasgow

This morning I had a successful meeting with a representative of Irish tourism in Glasgow. Following this I decided to indulge in a little architecture photography. Firstly, I went into St. George’s -Tron Church in the centre of Glasgow, a building which has long intrigued me. I was fortunate to be met by a local volunteer who gave me a private tour around this Presbyterian Church which was designed by William Stark and first opened in 1808. In recent times the building has been extensively refurbished and interior re-modelled. As will be evident from the image above and this video clip the interior impresses as crisp, light and clean. I was advised this church is very popular with Sunday attendances totalling around 500 (full capacity). Tron means weighbridge and may point to the historic industrial activity around this area.

Below is an external image of the impressive building.

St George's-Tron Church, Glasgow

St George's-Tron Church, Glasgow, Glasgow

Next, I strolled across George Square to the prominent Hutcheson’s Hospital Building which stands out because if its brilliant cream/white exterior.

The actual building dates from 1805 but its genesis was the philanthropy of two lawyers (brothers) named Thomas (1590-1641) and George (1558-1639)  Hutcheson who constructed an institution (completed 1660) which had the dual role of (a) a school for boys from poor backgrounds and (b) a hospice for elderly men. The institution was re-located to its present site when the current building was completed ( to a design by David Hamilton) in 1805. The statues of the two founders date from 1649 and were transported from the previous building. This impressive building is now owned by Scotland’s National Trust.

Hutcheson's Hospital, Glasgow

Hutcheson's Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland

Elsewhere today, I have finalising itinerary of a small group tour for May 2011 and responded to an enquiry for a whisky tour.

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