Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel

Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the historic site of Glenfinnan, near Fort William on the West of Scotland. I inavariably stop at this site in course of my small group tours, usually on the way from Mallaig to Fort William (or vice versa). This site is popular for two key reasons, viz:

  1. It was here that Charles Edward Stuart (aka ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’) landed in 1745 with a handful of followers to embark on an ultimately doomed attempt to re-take the crowns of Scotland and England for the Stuart cause. The monument (tower) commemorates the landing but there is now debate as to whether the Prince landed at the exact spot of the monument or another site close by. It is possible to climb up the monument and enjoy the stunning views therefrom. Here is a video clip of the locality taken from the top of the monument. Loch Shiel is not connected to the sea. I assume that the Prince used Loch Shiel for transport in the absence of  a road network. The National Trust runs a visitor centre across the road from the monument.
  2. The Glenfinnan Viaduct over which, during the summer months, trundles the Jacobite Express. In recent times the bridge and train have become known as the ‘Harry Potter Bridge and ‘Harry Potter Train’ respectively. The train is powered by steam and attracts many observers during the twice a day trip across the bridge, an impressive sight. Probably only a tiny minority of visitors appreciate that the bridge itself is of historic importance being the first such structure built (1897-1901) of non-reinforced concrete.


Glenfiinnan Monument, Inverness-shire

Glenfiinnan Monument, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Here is a view of Loch Shiel which attracts water sports enthusiasts.

Loch Shiel from Glenfinnan Monument

Loch Shiel from Glenfinnan Monument, Scotland


Elsewhere today:

  • I went into Glasgow and undertook final research relative to upcoming Tobacco themed tour. ( Glasgow was pre-eminent in tobacco trading during the 18th century.) 
  • Re-designed a private, self-drive tour for a group of gents who plan to come over during October for about five days and visit whisky distilleries and the Highlands.
  • Responded to enquiry for a combined Rennie Mackintosh and Necropolis tour of Glasgow during the Spring.
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