Reaper, Sailing Vessel

Reaper, Sailing Vessel, Anstruther

This evening, I am focusing on a couple of historic Scottish sailing vessels which I have encountered in course of my tours around Scotland and which represent an important part of Scotland’s heritage.

Above, is the ‘Reaper’, a Fifie sailing herring drifter which was built as a two masted lugger at Sandhaven, Fraserburgh in 1902. Length is 70 feet. The vessel was used in the herring fishing industry at Shetland from 1908 through to requisitioning by the Government in WW2. An engine was fitted in 1916. After the War, the vessel returned to fishing at Shetland and then general cargo work from 1959 through to retirement in 1979. Now owned by the Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther on the Fife Coast.

Below is the slightly older, Isabella Fortuna which dates from 1890. Has length of 45 feet and was built for line and drift-net fishing. An engine was fitted in 1919 with further upgrades in 1928 and 1932.

Acquired for restoration on 1976 and again, by the Wick Society, in 1997. The vessel is subject to an on-going improvement and renewal programme. Can be viewed at wick Harbour in the north of Scotland

For 86 years the vessel was operated by the same fishing family at Arbroath.

Isabella Fortuna, Wick

Isabella Fortuna, Wick, Scotland


Elsewhere today, I have designed and costed a self-drive tour around Scotland for a group of seven. Also helped a visitor from Canada locate a herd of Highland Cattle-in a Glasgow park  of all places!

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