Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh, Scotland

This evening, I am focusing on the Scottish Parliament which opened on October 11t 2004.  The building is a consequence of the devolution of powers from the Westminster (London) parliament covering such areas as education, health, transport and prisons. This building represents the first manifestation of Scottish self-rule since England and Scotland voted to combine and form the United Kingdom in 1706-7. The building has attracted controversy for two principle reasons:

  1. At GBP431M cost was some eight to ten times over original budget.
  2. The style of architecture.
Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland

The building was designed by Catalan (Spanish) architect Enric Miralles. This gentleman sadly died prior to completion of the project.

The Parliament and associated buildings were designed to reflect the perceived historic connection between the Scottish people and nature.

Inside Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Inside Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland

When touring Edinburgh I regularly feature (or offer) to include the Parliament in the itinerary but have to say that reaction to the architecture is not 100pct effusive. On the plus side it is possible to visit the debating chamber and listen to debates in progress without prior appointment. I receive far more favourable response from visits to the building opposite, the Palace of Holyroodhouse which is an official Royal residence.

Elsewhere today, I have working on the details of some upcoming whisky tours and received two new enquiries in, one of which is for another whisky tour. Also liaising with a Middle Eastern travel agent re promotion of my tours.

Weather here in Glasgow is atrocious comprsing a blend of very strog winds and heavy rain.